Number 11

Fort Christmas of 1492 and Fountain of the Meeting

On the anchor nailed to the stones reads: Santa Maria /Marigalante. Together with this is the sign of Fort Christmas which is accompanied by the sound of water from the fountain.

 Before climbing up onto the boat, one should pay attention to the meaning of the fountain. A book written in stone opened half way reads: El Encuentro (the meeting) 12th October, 1492 and the words “La mies es mucha” (the harvest is plentiful). Two springs of water at each extremity at the top of the fountain represent each world (the Old and the New), separated by the Atlantic Ocean. The water that springs discreetly from the right (The West Indies) flows towards the left to join the water that flows from the left (Spain). “The harvest is plentiful” reminds us of how the start of Evangelism came about (9) this historical fact – that of carrying the Cross and the Gospels from first contact. The drops of water that you see in the center represent this historical union, and for ever, between both worlds.

(Climbing up the ramp to Fort Christmas we arrive at the Lighthouse of the Sailors’ Hope.