Number 13

Forecastle deck of the Santa Maria. Mausoleum

The Chapter of the Santa Maria/Fuerte Navidad is closed and now transformed into a mausoleum with small skulls in memory of the sailors, together with an invasion of plants and iguanas. Iguanas such as those that were on the first island Columbus arrived at, and named San Salvador, the natives referred to it as Guanahani (island of the iguanas).

 From the forecastle deck you can take in the whole monument facing towards the west. From left to right: The Chinese Tower (8) and the towers of Ferdinand and Isabel. In the center of the monument: The Arch of the Rabida Monastery with the name COLOMARES and at its base La Niña. This third ship’s name (La Niña) was changed to Palos (the harbour they departed from), and is part of one sculptural piece, that almost indestructible ship and the town where Christopher Columbus’s dream started, and also the dream of many others involved in that first venture in 1492. To the right: The Tower of Death with its four dark pinnacles, its rosewindow and details. Behind: The Tower of the New World. Except for the Chinese Tower (8), everything indicated at this time cannot be visited and will be explained in a separate guide book.