Number 14

 Fountain of Andalusia

The erection of this monument on Andalusian land, honors its culture, people and the birth place of the Discovery. Built in the form of a dome that highlights its four flaming pinnacles, each one pointing in the direction of four special places: Lebrija (to the west), with its quill and book, greets Antonio de Nebrija (the author of Spanish Grammar); Cordoba to the North, with the faces of Ferdinand and Isabel (it was their home during the War of Granada and where Columbus was treated seriously). To the East, an inkwell with a quill and paper commemorating the capitulations of Santa Fe, signed in that camp of the same name. To the South West three ships and the town of Palos. In addition to this there are four signs with four cultures also cardinally oriented by their provenance and place of origin. From the North came the Romans and from the East the Phoenicians; from the South the Arabs and in the West the Tartesians domains. Andalusia was the great protagonist when it comes to understanding number 15 because it was here that everything began.