Number 9

The Fountain of Evangelization with pulpit. (Church)

An inscription: “Evangelization – New World” and next to this fountain, to the left, simbolitzing a small church in Romanesque-Gothic-Mudejar style.

 The Catholic maxim of that time (16th century) was to comply with the universal principle of Christianity. One of the most direct consequences of the Discovery of America was taking the Cross and the Gospels over there. The old Spanish Empire was one of law and order, and the acceptance of Catholicism was imposed, as well as methods of integration, traditions and customs.  It is because of this that many of the Marian devotions that still exist in America have been conserved from the beginning (1493), and they have learned, generation after generation, over centuries, to love and honor them (La Guadalupe, la Virgen de los Remedios, Virgen del Carmen, …). It is one of many inheritances shared by the Hispanic Monarchy of Spain.

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